Week 3-Post 1

Good news! I was only 5 minutes late today!

On a more scholarly note, we learned a lot about audio recording in class. Wade, our FIU multimedia technician, taught us how to use these audio recording devices. It is a very useful tool when recording interviews. Then we were allowed to test the devices by using them to record a radio ad as practice for our future audio project. Our professor also gave us a glimpse into what we have in store, project-wise, in the future.

On Thursday we are supposed to use the recording devices to record dialogue for a radio ad project. We enhance the audio and add effects using the Audacity program. I am a tad bit nervous about using this software because, as you may already know, I do not have the greatest track record when it comes to technology. Either way, click on the radio ad project tab above to check out the finished product of this audio assignment.

Until we meet again,




Week 2-Post 2

While scrolling through various articles, I came across a very interesting piece by Marissa Peacock. She explains the global trends in customer service and how great service is universal. It was itrigueing to see that different multimedia platforms lead the way in great customer service. Web Hosting, Web Applications, Software, and Marketing and Advertising all rank in the top 10 customer friendly industries.

If you’re into reading more about the importance of great customer service in the multimedia industry then check out this article:


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Week 2-Post 1

Today we learned the basics about Photoshop. The professor gave us several pictures to edit, which you can find by clicking on the Photoshop Practice tab above. I struggled to figure out what each of the seemingly endless array of tools do. After hours of trial and error, I eventually began to get the hang of the program. It helped that the dude next to me has a lifetime of experience with Photoshop and the professor does not get annoyed by a bombardment of questions.

Its amazing how Photoshop allows you to edit and manipulate your photos. If you wanted to you could take a photo and change it completely, almost to the point of creating a new photo. You can add text, crop out parts of pictures, brighten images, sharpen images, contrast, balance and so much more. It is definitely a useful tool in today’s world where most people see hundreds of images daily.

If you haven’t already, take a chance to check out the program and really play with your images. Get creative!

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Week 1-Post 2

So I was searching the web while watching the world cup and came across this site:


For people who aren’t the next Mark Zuckerberg, this site has a few tips that can help make your life much easier when it comes to creating and editing your own website. I took interest in this article because (as I’ve mentioned before) I struggle to “fit in” this generation of modern technology. Even experts can gain some knowledge from the quick tips and useful applications mentioned in the article.

I hope you find it as useful as I did. Now back to the world cup!



Week 1-Post 1


Today I strolled into class about three minutes late. Luckily, the professor strolled in fifteen minutes after me. He introduced himself to the class, ¬†and we, in turn, introduced ourselves. I confessed to being very “old school” when it comes to technology, which left me feeling very vulnerable in a class full of tech-savy students. Prof. Van Voris helped settle my nerves a bit by reminding me that the reason I am in this class is to learn.

After a quick presentation about renting equipment for future projects, the class proceeded to create our very own wordpress sites. To say it was overwhelming is an understatement. Not only was I confused about choosing my theme, but editing and meeting requirements left me very confused. In my bewilderment, I scanned the room to see if I could learn something from my peers. Everyone looked just as lost as I did, which relieved me to an extent.

The fact that this post is up shows that nothing is impossible, and if you press enough buttons while asking a ton of questions something will eventually work.

Till next time,