Week 2-Post 1

Today we learned the basics about Photoshop. The professor gave us several pictures to edit, which you can find by clicking on the Photoshop Practice tab above. I struggled to figure out what each of the seemingly endless array of tools do. After hours of trial and error, I eventually began to get the hang of the program. It helped that the dude next to me has a lifetime of experience with Photoshop and the professor does not get annoyed by a bombardment of questions.

Its amazing how Photoshop allows you to edit and manipulate your photos. If you wanted to you could take a photo and change it completely, almost to the point of creating a new photo. You can add text, crop out parts of pictures, brighten images, sharpen images, contrast, balance and so much more. It is definitely a useful tool in today’s world where most people see hundreds of images daily.

If you haven’t already, take a chance to check out the program and really play with your images. Get creative!

Until next class,



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