Week 1-Post 1


Today I strolled into class about three minutes late. Luckily, the professor strolled in fifteen minutes after me. He introduced himself to the class,  and we, in turn, introduced ourselves. I confessed to being very “old school” when it comes to technology, which left me feeling very vulnerable in a class full of tech-savy students. Prof. Van Voris helped settle my nerves a bit by reminding me that the reason I am in this class is to learn.

After a quick presentation about renting equipment for future projects, the class proceeded to create our very own wordpress sites. To say it was overwhelming is an understatement. Not only was I confused about choosing my theme, but editing and meeting requirements left me very confused. In my bewilderment, I scanned the room to see if I could learn something from my peers. Everyone looked just as lost as I did, which relieved me to an extent.

The fact that this post is up shows that nothing is impossible, and if you press enough buttons while asking a ton of questions something will eventually work.

Till next time,



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