Week 6- Post 2

The following link is to an article about making illustrations more interesting when it comes to multimedia education. A lot of times people don’t really pay attention or give serious though to what they see on screen, and part of that is due to over saturation of images. So this article goes into detail about making your illustrations stand out and really capture an audience, especially when educating students.





Week 6- Post 1

Today was all about business. I showed up to class early, (what?!) and went straight to work on my final video project. It was fun actually revisiting all the footage I captured this past weekend on my trip to Bimini. Professor agreed to let me do my project on the island, which left me ecstatic because I was able to spend time with my family. While filming, I feared that the footage captured wouldn’t look steady. But thankfully it came out wonderful. The audio could’ve been better, but for being a windy weekend on a tropical island it doesn’t sound too bad. After a few hours of work into this 2 minute video, I finally got it to look and sound right. You should definitely click on the FINAL PROJECT tab up top in the menu section and take a gander.


Thanks in advance for watching,



Week 5- Post 1

Hello again,

Today in class we spent most of the day working on our chromekey projects. I have to admit that I am probably the worst person for this type of project. But hey, it happens. The only way to get better is to ask a bunch of questions and practice. Its tough to practice away from class because the programs we use need to be purchased and the computers we work with are MAC. Unfortunately I dont have either, so I am restricted to gaining experience with the programs at school. However, little by little I am getting more familiar with Final Cut and apple computers. If i can do it, then there is hope for anyone else who tries. Just keep your chin up and press buttons until you make an awesome movie.

Till next time my friends,


Week 4-Post 2

Do you know someone or know of someone who is “instagram famous”?


Well the way they became that famous is through marketing themselves on social media. Many celebrities, companies, brands, organizations, etc. use social media to promote and advertise. Video Marketing has become a great way to reach large audiences in a quick and inexpensive way. The following article gives a plethora of reasons why video marketing has grown and will continue to grow. You should definitely skim through it!





Week 4-Post 1

This week our class focused on video! We learned the basics of final cut from Professor Sandhouse. Watching him manipulate, edit, and piece together footage made me nervous. He made the program seem like it was so easy to use but then when it was our turn to edit a video, it felt like I had amnesia. I must have annoyed Professor VanVoris 1000 times while trying to create our in-class assignment.


Eventually the tips on arranging clips, adding effects, and matching the audio to video made sense. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so please click on the Final Cut Assignment tab, and check out my first shot at editing footage.

Week 3-Post 2

Sticking with the audio theme for this week, the following article: http://www.poynter.org/how-tos/newsgathering-storytelling/173082/10-tips-for-using-audio-more-effectively-in-multimedia-stories/ includes a few helpful tips one can use to help improve their audio projects. Its amazing to see how simple things can add so much more quality to your recordings. For rookies like me this site is very useful, so scroll through and learn!